Mission Statement

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Fine Music Radio’s vision is to uplift, inspire and entertain our listeners by broadcasting quality classical and jazz music and presenting cultural and artistic content.

Mission Statement

Fine Music Radio’s commitment to excellence is achieved by maintaining our strategic distinctiveness, meeting the criteria set by our stakeholders and living our values and beliefs. It is both our privilege and duty to entertain and educate our listeners and grow a love and appreciation of classical music and jazz. By maintaining our ratio between international and local content we are able to broadcast the best of both worlds.

Strategic Distinctiveness

Fine Music Radio is peerless. We are the only station in the Western Cape that broadcasts quality classical and jazz music twenty-four hours a day. Our station is the perfect platform to engage with and promote performers and artists. FMR ensures that our listeners are kept informed by providing news, traffic and weather bulletins.

Stakeholder Promises

The stakeholders of Fine Music Radio are our listeners, subscribers, production and broadcasting staff, management and board. We are mindful of our commitment to delivery  by actioning the following:

  • Recruiting new staff and providing training and support for them, this includes internship programmes
  • Maintaining and improving quality  classical music and jazz broadcasts
  • Promoting local talent and local content

 Values & Beliefs

Fine Music Radio is committed to the following beliefs and values in all its actions: Honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism.
We subscribe to the BCCSA code of conduct.

Where does FMR broadcast ?

Greater Cape Town Area : 101.3 FM
Hout Bay & Llandudno : 94.7 FM
Atlantic Seaboard 97.1 FM
Fish Hoek & Noordehoek 107.9