The Fine Music Radio Team


Mark Jennings – Station Manager
Mark 3
FMR occupies a special place in the hearts of its listeners. The station is unique, combining a blend of classical music and jazz with information on cultural and artistic events. We strive to be a bastion of quality and a comfortable listening “friend” 24 hours a day.


Rodney Trudgeon – Programme Manager
Waking up to his delightful and professional presentation style and thorough enjoyment that he brings to broadcasting classical music is something that Capetonians will not want to miss – the perfect start to the day.
As a name long associated with classical music broadcasting in South Africa, his radio career has spanned some 25 years and he has sought to make classical music more accessible and more entertaining to the diverse cultures that make up South Africa’s listening audience.
Victoria Cawood, station manager of Fine Music Radio, said ‘Having been able to entice Rodney onto the FMR team is a fillip for the station’.


Debbie Hadley – Traffic and Marketing Manager

I have such a passion for dance and I am very fortunate to say I have had a great career in the arts as a dancer, singer and choreographer. I am still involved in the dance and theatre scene whilst teaching modern dance in the evenings, but my interest in graphic design has pushed me to take a course and further my design skills, which have helped me express my creativity.
With my love for classical and jazz music behind me I intend to work hard bringing in as much advertising to the station while marketing Fine Music Radio using my graphic design skills.

I am honoured to be working for such a fantastic radio station.

Mawande Lobi – Production Engineer
Mawande Lobi started at Fine Music Radio as a weekend Duty Producer and because of his talent and impressive work ethic very quickly became part of the permanent FMR team.

Mawande is largely responsible for a lot of what you hear on air, from produced ads to Rodney Trudgeon’s People of Note as well as being Lindsay Williams’ sound engineer and co-producer.

Off air Mawande’s work can be heard on the Fine Business Radio podcasts.


Wesley Lewies – Operations Co-ordinator
Originally from Johannesburg I came to Cape Town in my early 20s for what should have been three months and, like a lot of people who visit this city, never left. I was sucked into a lifestyle of mountain exploration, rock climbing and the kind of adventure that wouldn’t have been possible in my previous flat, featureless home.

I started at Fine Music Radio on the first of March 2004, not knowing anything about community radio or classical music, and in the last ten years I’d like to think I’ve learned much about both. I’ve witnessed the growth of our little radio station, it ups and downs, and am always amazed by our achievements – long may they continue.


Pamela Atkins – Reception and Administration
I’ve been working at FMR for about 11 years. I love listening to all kinds of music, it’s my way of escaping into my own little space. I may not play any type of sport but really enjoy watching most kinds of sport, especially cricket, which is quite funny because I’ve attempted playing it before and ended up with a black eye. I never tried it again.

So, from answering calls and finding presenters to do shows from our glass office in the Artscape building to catching the sun while watching cricket on a weekend, that’s simply just me!