About the Drought

Water Crisis 2018 Jan Header Artwork

We support the decision that 50 litres of water per day, per person is necessary.
Day Zero is imminent. To get with the programme be aware of every drop you use.

Every time you flush, you use between six to nine litres of water. Use the plastic drop-the-block in your cistern. When you need to flush, use grey water.

A sink full of dishes takes about 18 litres, while the eco cycle on the dishwasher is approximately 29 litres.

Your washing machine cycle on a quick wash uses approximately 75 litres of water.

Turn off the taps when you brush your teeth. Depending on your dental regime you could save litres of water.

The Maximum shower head flow rate may not exceed 10 litres per minute. Wet yourself, turn off the shower, soap, then turn the shower on again to rinse.

A dripping tap (1 drop per second) could waste up to 30 litres of water an hour, which adds up to 10 000 litres a year.

H2O is about U!