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Glyn Fogell
Glyn Fogell Picture croppedWhen I volunteered to read the news and weather on Sunday afternoons at FMR, this wasn’t actually my first foray onto the airwaves. My voice has been heard around the world and in space as well by shuttle pilots, ISS and Mir occupants, but you probably wouldn’t have heard me or spoken to me unless you had an amateur radio (“ham radio”) licence or a shortwave radio set.

I also used to put together and read bulletins for an SA Radio League branch on a regular basis for a year or so. Tony Hancock has a lot to answer for where ham radio and I are concerned – “it is are not here raining also…..”.

Having been an avid listener to FMR since moving to Cape Town at the end of 1999 when I left the domain of Classic FM, I had toyed with the idea of getting involved. For several years, amdram activity as resident sound technician and sound designer for a local dramatic society kept me rather busy out of normal working hours, but having taken a break from that and looking around for a new activity, I thought “why not?”. As I work for the same company as Vic Hall, finding out how to get involved was easy. And from the world of amdram I already knew Keith Benjamin and Richard Jewson, having worked with them in the theatre.

So far, it’s been a blast, and a challenge! Live radio keeps you on your toes.

Carl Fourie

Carl Fourie Picture croppedCarl Fourie graduated from UCT in the mid 1980’s with a degree in both Maths and Music. He is a full time teacher and is currently Head of Mathematics at Elkanah House, in Sunningdale on the West Coast. He has reviewed opera for the Argus for the past 25 years. He is an elder in his local congregation The Vine, Burgundy Estate. He enjoys watching animated and action movies and series.

Carl has been presenting programs on FMR for the past 12 years. He initially presented the Friday afternoon Winding Down slot, but in recent years has been focussing on post-World War 2 composers and music, as is evident in his regular slots in Composer of the Week and Symphony Concerts.


Jon Geidt

Jon Geidt Picture croppedI had the luck to be born in the very best of English counties – Devon.  My family was one of many quietly decaying gentry. I was educated in the historic town of Winchester, followed by a particularly nasty school called Wellington. I served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment in Belize and I managed to conduct the regimental band – with mixed results!  I studied anthropology at the London School of Economics – a very interesting place. I was an independent-minded local government officer.  In South Africa I was a teacher of adults. My first musical memories: listening aged 5 to Tchaikovsky and Glenn Miller on my mother’s small plastic radio.  I have sung in choirs, practiced at pianos and rung most of the bells in Winchester cathedral.  As a broadcaster I am certain of at least one thing: the magnificent performer/composer classical tradition that we have inherited demonstrates beyond words the exciting potential that human beings have – it is a marvelous wonder for all time.

Johann Gerber
Johann Gerber Picture croppedJohann Gerber bied Middagkonsert op alternatiewe Woensdae aan, Bepeinsing op die laaste Sondagoggend van die maand en van tyd tot tyd Komponis van die Week, Simfoniekonsert en Groot Vertolkers.

My eerste belangstelling in Klassieke Musiek het gekom toe die SAUK-orkes met Anton Hartman as dirigent ons skool in Pretoria besoek het en ‘n kort uitvoering gegee het.

Kort daarna is my pa (dankie tog) terugverplaas Kaapstad toe (waar ek groot geword het). Ons destydse skool hoof by Jan van Riebeeck, Hugo Lambrechts, het gereeld besoekende kunstenaars gedurende saal periode in die skoolsaal laat op tree, onder andere die klassieke ghitaarspeler Narciso Yepes.

Toe FMR begin uitsaai het ek en my oorlede eggenote Marie, tot ergenis van ons kinders, alle radios daarop ingestel. Marie het haar droom om uittesaai verwesenlik deur eers ‘n nuusleser en daarna ‘n aanbieder op FMR te word.

Ek het begin as aflosaanbieder, maar later, toe haar siekte ernstig ergeword het, haar Middagkonserte oorgeneem.

Benewens die gereelde bywoning van konserte en operas, reis, die kyk van goeie flieks en rugby op Nuweland, probeer ek aan die lewe bly met my een man saak wat finansiële en belasting dienste lewer. Verder tree ek as eksaminator op vir ‘n sakeskool en bied ook lesings aan. Gegewe my regs agtergrond gaan sit ek ook af en toe as assessor in strafsake.

My gunsteling komponis is Beethoven en my gunsteling opera Die Towerfluit.

James Gribble
James Gribble Picture II croppedI was born in Cape Town, where my schooling began at Grove Primary in Claremont and then continued in the Orange Free State.  After matriculation at Grey College, Bloemfontein, there was opportunity for me to study at the local university. Music was a serious contender, but a B Sc in Physics and Mathematics won the day – but only temporarily. The good Lord had other ideas. On completing the degree I entered the full-time ministry of the Methodist Church of SA, which led to further study at Rhodes University (BD).  Then followed 43 years of varied service in Tzaneen, the villages of Eastern Pondoland, Randfontein, Orange Grove and Sandringham, Vereeniging, Plumstead and Knysna. As well as being involved in ministerial training I served as Bishop of a District of the Methodist Church encompassing the Western Cape and Namaqualand.  The notion of retirement (since January 2006) remains a misnomer with frequent calls to help out and “fill holes”.

And the music?  It began with hearing my father at the piano late at night. Piano lessons began at age eight in Ficksburg, continued in Lindley and then in Bloemfontein with teachers Leonard Shepstone and Japie Human,  leadng to Matric Music and UNISA Grade VIII.   As time permits I still try to keep the fingers and the brain going, but they prove stubborn. The French horn was my other instrument, and for a while I played in an amateur orchestra in Bloemfontein. Choral music became another passion, with active participation in the Cape Town Male Voice Choir, the Knysna Singers and (currently) the Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town.

Other interests are my family (my wife Jill, three children and five grandchildren), reading, walking, gardening, travelling (when possible) and personal computing. And now also the pleasure of presenting on FMR.  This continues to be a stimulating learning curve. Some of my family say that their father has become a disc jockey. I like to think of it as something rather more genteel.
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