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James Patrick
James Patrick Picture croppedRaising a glass to FMR in Tallinn, Estonia! In addition to music and literature, travel has over the years proved an absorbing interest and I’ve brought back CDs from far-off places to use over the air.

I started at FMR ten years ago, scarcely knowing how to put on a CD, and received a baptism of fire with the drive show, Winding Down, an extremely fast-moving and busy programme. Subsequently, I was elevated to the flagship programmes of Composer of the Week, Collage and Symphony Concert (this last I continue to do once a month). Meanwhile, I had put forward to Rodney proposals for two different kinds of programmes which were accepted and became On the Lighter Side (Saturdays at 12) and Morning has Broken (Sundays, seasonally at 6.30am).

Morning has Broken (psalms and hymns and spiritual songs) ties in nicely with my out-of-studio life as minister of the Gardens Presbyterian Church, where I’ve been now for twenty-eight years. I started my ministry, after studies in Edinburgh, Tubingen and Oxford and a spell in Vienna, in what was then Rhodesia and did a little religious broadcasting under the Programme Manager there, one Leslie McKenzie.

Did I mention that I was born and brought up in Scotland? Not that you wouldn’t know…

Kyle Paulssen
Kyle Paulssen Picture II croppedKyle emigrated to South Africa five years ago from the Netherlands and now resides in Cape Town. He is studying his MSc in clinical anatomy at the University of Cape Town and focuses on the problems women experience after breast cancer treatment. He has a passion for health sciences and teaching and hopes to study medicine after his current degree.

Although he is not a musician himself, he thoroughly enjoys classical music (from church and choral music to opera). Apart from his daily load of Fine Music Radio, the wide offering of live performances in Cape Town allows him to get his fix. He was very excited to get involved with FMR as it was an opportunity for him to learn more about music and to play some beautiful yet different music for the listeners.

His approach to the classical genre might be described as ‘daring’ as he prefers to think ‘out of the box’ for his listeners, playing unknown or rare music, and exposing people to things they might not initially like but that make them think and perhaps reconsider their opinion. He also likes to organise his programmes according to a particular ‘theme’ to create a sense of unity throughout the programme.

Some interesting programmes he has done include ‘The Musical Art of Theme Parks’ with John Woodland in 2013 and a solo-programme on film music through the decades.

You can listen to him every second Thursday on Midday Concert from 12h00-13h00 and on occasional evening programmes such as Composer of the Week.

Martin Phillips

Martin created “Evening Jazz” last year in New York, a radio show featuring American, Latin and African jazz performers. It is a show designed to introduce the three cultures to each other’s best jazz performers and composers.

Martin Phillips is an American with deep roots in South Africa. He was born in Cape Town, and grew up in Kenilworth. His father, Walter Phillips, pioneered heart surgery in South Africa, and was head of cardio-thoracic surgery at Groote Schuur through the early 60s. His grandfather, Max Sonnenberg, founded Woolworths in South Africa. His family immigrated to the United States in the mid-60s.

Martin took classical piano lessons as a child, but his love was always jazz. What started as an obsession with the beat of township music expanded to American artists like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Dave Brubeck.

He attended Brandeis University in Massachusetts and Columbia University in New York. He holds an MS in Journalism, and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University. After graduate school, he became a television news producer for the CBS television newsmagazine “60 Minutes,” and later a news producer and news manager for the ABC news broadcast “20/20.”

He has returned to South Africa several times with his American family, lured back by the country’s people, beauty and music.   In January 2010, he taught broadcast journalism for several months at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.   He is currently teaching journalism at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

“Evening Jazz” is broadcast regularly in the United States and South Africa.

Anthony Plummer
Anthony Plummer Picture croppedI was born and bred in Cape Town where I have lived all my life.  My lifelong love of classical music was probably inherited from my maternal grandmother, who was an amateur pianist of professional standard.  My childhood was filled with music, both live and recorded, and I was privileged to receive piano lessons from Dr Claude Brown, the Director of Music at the Diocesan College.  I also joined the school Choral Society and sang in such works as Bach’s Mass in B minor and the Mozart Requiem which made an indelible impression on me.  After  leaving school I joined the Melodic Choir which was trained by Dr Brown and subsequently the Cape Town Symphony Choir under Dr Barry Smith.

I spent 45 years in the legal profession specialising in property law and retired some 5 years ago.  In my retirement I have joined a number of informal music appreciation groups and spend many happy hours listening to and discussing music.  I felt honoured to have been approached by Fine Music Radio to compile programmes.  At the moment I am responsible for Friday’s Classic Breakfast.

Nick Plummer
 Nick PlummerNick has a number of favourite quotes:

“Radio is the Theatre of The Mind.”
“Life is too short to listen to bad music, or drink bad wine.”
“I’m solar powered; I love the sunshine.”
“I have an unrequited love affair with golf.”

These four mantras saw him pack his corkscrew, eclectic music collection, golf clubs and beloved tuba into a container, and emigrate from England to Cape Town in 2006. With his equally beloved South African wife and two Yorkshire-born daughters in tow, a new life was started, chasing the dream of being a presenter on a classical music station, in the most beautiful city in the world, in one of the best wine-producing regions of the world. And maybe get a little golf squeezed in somewhere.

Being a “morning” person, the FMR Saturday Breakfast programme is perfectly suited to Nick’s sunny disposition.

The wine is being subject to constant appraisal and approval in his “day job”.

However, being a good golfer is still as elusive as ever.


Melissa Stephens
Milissa Stephens PictureMelissa is a force of nature. The fusion of her classical training across a number of instruments (including the harp, viola and piano) and her deep appreciation of the contemporary curation of harmony and rhythm make for an interesting musical palate. She is a media professional and plys her trade at one of the biggest radio stations in the country while balancing a family life as the wife of Kent (who works in design) and the mother to two beautiful children, Elle and Benn.


Anna Stoddard 
Anna Stoddard Picture croppedAnna discovered the world of Early Music while she studying music at Wits.  She graduated in 1991 having majored in harpsichord under John Reid Coulter and then went on to study with Jacques Ogg in Amsterdam before moving to Zimbabwe.

In Harare Anna taught music at the Zimbabwe College of Music and was a newspaper critic and radio programme producer.  She began to give “lecture recitals” throughout the country and performed the harpsichord with various ensembles.  Since moving to Cape Town in 2001, Anna has been teaching music at Reddam House, Constantia and giving lectures and performing in some of the atmospheric venues Cape Town has to offer. She has a passionate interest in the 18th century arts and for unearthing Baroque musical intrigues.

Anna’s Baroque Bon-Bons are on the Breakfast Show on Tuesdays at 07h30 am.


Tony Storey 

“Blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits” is a quote attributed to Willie Dixon, who was called the poet laureate of the blues.

An avid reader, as a youngster I was intrigued by the musicians who influenced artists such as Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Cream and the like. Over time, my music collection began to reflect this: Lightnin’ Hopkins, T-Bone Walker, John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Elmore James, Robert Johnson, Josh White, Louis Armstrong were just a few names that featured. The radio was always switched on at home, even after the advent of television in South Africa. We have been blessed with fine presenters who introduced new styles, pushing boundaries: Allan Pierce (Capital Radio) was a revelation among a host of fine disc jockeys; David Gresham on Springbok Radio, Barney Simon and Rafe Levine on 5FM. These voices provided entertainment & relief especially during late night studying. Jazz on English Service (later SAFM) & on Capital Radio nurtured my interest in jazz.

When Station Manager Victoria Cawood asked me if I would present a blues programme on FMR, I was both excited and daunted. Excited as the blues is the source of rock’n’roll, of jazz, of rhythm and blues and has evolved, faded and returned over the 20th century; it has crossed the Atlantic a number of times. Excited too as blues had been part of FMR’s programmes seemingly from inception. Daunted  as, at the time even though my collection was of a good size, it had more jazz, folk, rock & indie than blues!

Is the blues relevant in the 21st century? A resounding yes in my opinion, as I am finding more & more young musicians active in the blues not only in the United States and the United Kingdom but also from as far afield as Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, New Zealand etc.

I am Cape Town born & bred while my parents are from England & Italy. Married to Linda, with 2 wonderful children Sarah & Robert. A graduate of UCT, I have been a finance professional, finance director and managing director in specific industries.

Blues at the Table – the name is a reference to my home town, the mother city, and it features not only traditional through modern styles of the music, but also highlights those whose music was based on blues such as Elvis Presley. It also highlights fine musicianship and those influenced and inspired by other blues musicians. The programme has featured a number of centurions in the blues: Sunnyland Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson, Elmore James, T-Bone Walker, Henry Johnson, Robert Nighthawk, Pink Anderson, Howlin’ Wolf and Robert Johnson to name a few. Monday nights from 10pm to midnight

E-mail address for the programme:


Hadley Tituss
Hadley TitussBorn in, Educated in and Besottedly Committed to Cape Town (and animals and chocolate and poetry and Nippon).

I am very patient, but have no truck with bullies, rudeness, name-dropping snobs, stubborn pig-headedness and poor service (especially at truck stops).
I am acutely bored with endless pontification over food, restaurants, overseas holidays, TV Shows, sports scores, fashion (even though there is no excuse for dressing badly….after all LOOKING GOOD IS THE BEST REVENGE!!).
My taste in music is eclectically catholic and I am rather outdoorsy.

My favourite quotation:
“There are four ways, and only four ways in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: 1. What we do. 2. How we look. 3. What we say. 4. How we say it.” – Dale Carnegie.

I am a sexagenarian vegetarian.


Philip Todres 
Philip Todres Picture croppedPhilip is an obsessive collector of South African art. He publishes the Arts & Crafts Map and an extensive range of special-interest map guides, which can be viewed at  The MapMyWay site has evolved as a World Design Capital 2014 project to show you the way around Cape Town.  He is also associated with the Cape Town Green Map, which focuses on showcasing that the city is ‘green by design’ and encourages green as an informed lifestyle choice –

Some personal insights: I am inspired by living in Cape Town and being stimulated by the diversity and range of what has increasingly become a dynamic cultural and design arena. FMR helps me to stay connected to the vibrant happenings that the Mother City has to offer.


Elizabeth Trigaardt
Emeritus Assoc-Prof(UCT); BSc(UCT,1966), FRAD. Elizabeth has hosted Invitation to the Dance, for 24 years. Her interest in dance music is a result of her 52-year career in ballet as a Principal Dancer and Ballet Mistress with the CAPAB Ballet Co and subsequently being the Honorary Executive Director and founder member of the CAPE TOWN CITY BALLET from 1997 to 2018. She also headed the UCT Dance Department for 21 years. Having danced in, produced and staged all the major classics and other works by international and local choreographers, she enjoys communicating her love of dance with the FMR listeners.


Rodney Trudgeon
Rodney Trudgeon Picture croppedRodney presents “Classic Breakfast” from 06h00 to 09h00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Waking up to his delightful and professional presentation style and thorough enjoyment that he brings to broadcasting classical music is something that Capetonians will not want to miss – the perfect start to the day.

As a name long associated with classical music broadcasting in South Africa, his radio career has spanned some 25 years and he has sought to make classical music more accessible and more entertaining to the diverse cultures that make up South Africa’s listening audience.

Victoria Cawood, station manager of Fine Music Radio, said ‘Having been able to entice Rodney onto the FMR team is a fillip for the station’.

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