Mark Jennings
Station Manager

Mark presents Classic Breakfast on Friday mornings. Radio, that special medium taking listeners on a journey of the imagination, has captivated Mark since childhood. His role as Station Manager at FMR is to help the team bring joy to listeners by playing uplifting classical music and jazz that restores the human spirit – and to inspire presenters to tell a story of positivity and optimism. Mark is also passionate about supporting community-related issues, and he encourages FMR to try and help worthy causes where possible … particularly those related to music, performance, theatre and, of course, the environment.

Debbie Hadley
Traffic and Marketing Manager

Debbie studied dancing, singing and acting and then taught dancing in the industry from 2000 to 2014. She was one of the choreographers for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2013 Opening Ceremony and also choreographed for corporate functions. She completed a graphic design course and is also a keen photographer. Every year Debbie stage manages Dancers Love Dogs, a dance show which raises money for mass sterilisation of animals in underprivileged communities. After studying the violin at school and, with her love for Classical music, it was a great fit to work for Cape Town’s only classical music radio station.

Désirée Slabber
Sales Strategist

Teaching is a noble profession, but one day, while watching crashing waves, Désirée decided she wanted more out of life than teaching. Mentors guided her through the world of advertising into the boardroom. Years later, in Cape Town, again watching crashing waves, FMR came calling. This time round, there was a glass of wine in the one hand and a cup of coffee in the other! The FMR value of giving appealed to Désirée’s heart and soul and FMR has become her new home. TS Elliot said “Every moment is a new beginning”. With age, a quote that Désirée treasures.

Ewan Inglis
Production Engineer

Ewan started working at FMR in 2005 as a sound engineer. During this time he completed his law degree part-time at UWC and left FMR upon graduating to do his articles. He returned in 2018 (separation anxiety and all that). Ewan is a classically trained percussionist, so sitting still is quite a challenge. In his spare time Ewan loves anything to do with jazz, be it listening to or playing jazz. He loves watching football and spending time with family and friends.

Gavin Beck
Sales Consultant

Gavin started his working career in publishing sales and soon moved to media sales at a leading commercial media group. During his time there he successfully sold inventory for all media platforms and engaged with multiple clients from different industries. Gavin is a sporty person and enjoys most sports. His move to FMR has been seamless and enjoyable. “It is a privilege to be a brand ambassador of this unique station and I am looking forward to being of service to our clients.”

Ida Durie

Ida began her career as a teacher. She then owned, with her husband, two successful businesses and progressed into the arena of procurement and finances. She obtained her BA and HDE from Pretoria University and a diploma in Financial Management and Investments from UNISA. She started at FMR in October 2014 and also does financials for two churches. Happily married, Ida’s husband is a predikant and she plays the organ and piano at their church. She has three daughters and a grandson. She likes reading, music and animals.

Marné Joubert
Direct Account Executive

Radio is in Marné’s blood, so it was quite a natural evolution for her to end up in this industry. She earned her stripes, bumps and bruises at the SABC in the 1980s and 1990s, and then plunged into the private sector. After 11 years at Classic FM, and a few detours, she is now back at FMR. “I was told that I was good at sales and that’s where I am now applying my passion for radio. I love chocolates, dogs, cats and rainy days with a good book. Oh, and listening to Fine Music Radio of course!”

Mawande Lobi
Production Engineer

What Mawande thought would be just a two-month job-shadowing internship at FMR turned out to be the first of many good things that happened in his life. Mawande moved from the Eastern Cape to complete his studies and planned on returning home when it was completed. In 2009 he was offered a full time position at FMR. His portfolio includes working over weekends, overseeing most pre-recorded shows, and recording captains of industries for the business show. He is proud of his contribution to the station’s growth. His philosophy is that, “working for FMR plus watching sport equals a good life”.

Pamela Atkins
Reception and Administration

Pam loves listening to all sorts of music and what better way to experience this than to work at a radio station. “I’ve been at FMR for a long time, since 2001, and have learned lots about how things work behind the scenes.” Occasionally, Pam even gets opportunities to do a bit of work in one of the studios. Interacting with FMR’s listeners and guests is one of the reasons why she enjoys working at FMR. It’s so much fun and hardly ever a dull moment at FMR’s perfectly situated offices in the Marble Foyer of the Artscape Theatre Centre.

Rodney Trudgeon
Programme Manager

Rodney Trudgeon presents Classic Breakfast and People of Note. In a radio career spanning over 40 years, Rodney Trudgeon has sought to make classical music more accessible and more entertaining. After a short spell as a freelance flautist in the Durban Symphony Orchestra, Rodney joined the SABC. He was soon in demand as a classical music presenter, producer and interviewer. He moved to Classic FM in 2000 and then to FMR in 2005, where he is also Programme Manager. He is the author of Rodney Trudgeon’s Concert Notes – A Selection of Favourite Masterpieces, published by Jonathan Ball Publishers.

Saan Mahomed
Music Compiler

Saan presents The Odyssey on Saturdays from 20:00 and Thursday evening’s Jazz Lounge. It was in the late 80’s, after moving to Johannesburg, that he showed an active interest in broadcasting. In 1988, Clive Smith, on then-Radio 5, asked Saan to produce his Saturday evening show. Thereafter, upon moving to Cape Town in 1995, Saan joined P4 Radio as a production manager – presenter in Cape Town and later in Durban until 2008, when he returned to Cape Town. In 2009 he became the late-night presenter of FMR’s A Jazz Odyssey. In 2015 he joined FMR full-time as Senior Music Compiler.

Vanessa Levenstein
Copywriter and Opus Editor

Vanessa has a drama background and a Psychology and English degree from Unisa. Her first musical memory was of her sister (now a professional violist) playing “ticky-ticky-tock-tock”. Vanessa worked for years as a copywriter at Primedia Broadcasting, and also freelanced extensively. No matter which media station she worked for she (secretly) listened to FMR. Her father once told her that radio was the superior medium. She wholeheartedly agrees. She also does book reviews for FMR’s Book Choice. (Can this job get any better?) Vanessa is married with two children, two dogs and a gorgeous tuxedo cat.

Wesley Lewies
Operations Co-ordinator

Originally from Johannesburg, he came to Cape Town in his early 20’s for what should have been three months and, like many people who visit this city, he never left. Wesley embarked on a lifestyle of exploration and adventure. He started at Fine Music Radio in March 2004, knowing nothing about community radio or classical music. He’d like to think that, over the last fifteen years, he’s learned much about both. “I’ve witnessed the growth of our little radio station, its ups and downs, and am always amazed by our achievements – long may they continue.”