At Fine Music Radio our reach is wide, our passion endless and our commitment to our clients unwavering. Our station differs from other music stations in that FMR is never background music. Ask a listener what piece they just heard and they’ll be able to tell you! Thus, this active engagement benefits you the advertiser.

FMR values all our listeners equally, yet for the purposes of you, the advertiser, making an informed decision, it is important that we present the socio-economic demographics of our listeners.

According to BrandMapp* 2021 audience research survey, FMR has approximately 153 000 listeners in Cape Town.

They are highly educated professional people, company CEO’s, IT specialists, teachers, writers, doctors and business owners. The vast majority of FMR listeners live in the top million households in this country. 65 % of FMR listeners are homeowners and 43% of FMR listeners are driving cars they bought new. FMR listeners truly understand the importance of art, literature and culture. Pre-lockdown, they loved attending live events and 35% of FMR listeners dinned out once a week.

Radio is a highly specialised medium and our creative team have decades of radio experience. We will create and produce a stand-out advert helping to grow your business. Our dedicated sales team will ensure that the process runs smoothly and effectively.

“I don’t think we have ever found a wealthier radio audience”
– Brandon De Kock, BrandMapp director.

*BrandMapp 2020 is a unique, independent, landscape study of economically active South African adults with access to the internet.


  • There is a roughly even split of male and female listeners

  • 60/40 split between English and Afrikaans speakers respectively

  • ⅓ of listeners are under the age of 45

  •  ⅓ of listeners are between 45 and 65

  •  ⅓ of listeners are over the age of 65

  • DStv Audio Channel 838 (with over 11 million subscribers)

  • Online streaming (per month): 80 000 – 85 000

  • Facebook followers: Over 6400

  • Approximately 153 000 listeners in Cape Town


  • 101.3 – Greater Cape Town

  • 107.9 – Fish Hoek / Noordhoek

  • 97.1 – Atlantic Seaboard

  • 94.7 – Hout Bay / Llandudno

  • DStv Audio Channel 838

  • Online Streaming


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